A sample of our Results and accomplishments:


Haiti Preferential Trade Access: SSA is proud of its long collaboration with Haiti. SSA professionals worked with lawmakers to draft and enact the original Haiti HOPE (2006) bill which provided Haiti with new duty-free access for its critical apparel sector, as well as the subsequent expansions of this program under the HELP Act (2008) and HELP II Act (2010).  SSA also led the successful effort to extend these provisions in the recently passed Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015.

Modernizing U.S. Preference Programs: SSA drafted the GSP UPDATE Act, which created the first meaningful expansion of the Generalized System of Preferences in over four decades by removing the statutory exclusion on many travel goods, including luggage, handbags, purses, wallets, backpacks, and sports and travel bags.  SSA created and led a coalition of brands and associations to support the effort by key lawmakers to enact this expansion. 

Short Supply Petitions:  SSA professionals have filed the first successful short supply petitions under the apparel chapter of every Free Trade Agreement since NAFTA.  An extremely technical process, short supply petitions require significant due diligence and an understanding of the complexities of the apparel sourcing market. Requiring technical and political acumen, short supply petitions can help apparel companies gain duty-free eligibility for products under free trade agreements that would otherwise fail to meet the standard.

Labor & Corporate Social Responsibility: SSA has established a proven capability to track emerging trends and provide policy analysis on the rapidly evolving interaction between social issues and international trade agreements that impact global supply chains.  We advise clients on strategies related to labor legislation, International Labor Organization programs and activities, multi-stakeholder initiatives, and civil society advocacy.

Labor Complaints under Free Trade Agreements:  SSA is recognized for its expertise on labor complaints under U.S. free trade agreements and has represented clients on more such proceedings than any other firm.  SSA utilizes its expertise to develop creative and non-conventional resolutions for these proceedings. SSA also has successfully represented clients on proceedings before the International Labor Organization.

Gaining Duty Relief For Clients: SSA crafted and led the effort to fix a misclassification for athletic footwear that was inaccurately placed in the safety footwear category - at a 37.5% tariff rate - into an appropriate footwear category at the proper tariff rate of 20%.