Our Mission

For more than three decades, our professionals have been involved in virtually all significant U.S. trade negotiations and trade legislation. We take pride in our ability to find the opportunities others may not see and to identify creative solutions others may overlook.  This allows us to work with our clients to help them shape and implement trade programs and trade agreements to maximize their results. We have an outstanding track record, achieving exceptional and path breaking outcomes.

Our professionals combine the technical expertise from having been directly involved in negotiating and drafting trade agreements and legislation, together with the necessary political experience and judgment to be successful. These skills have been developed with long experience in the Congress, the Executive Branch, international organizations, and the private sector. Our professionals have a record of going beyond the conventional wisdom. We find a way to do what many others may say cannot be done.

areas of Expertise

  • Trade Agreement Negotiations & Analysis
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Coalition Development & Management
  • Preference Program Approval & Petitions
  • Short Supply Requests under Free Trade Agreements
  • Rules of Origin & the Harmonized Tariff Schedule
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Labor Chapter Complaints under Free Trade Agreements
  • International Labor Organization Policy & Programs
  • Emerging Sustainability Issues
  • Policy Monitoring & Analysis
  • Foreign Trade Zone Approval