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Tariff Developments



International Trade

Sustainability and Traceability

SSA is one of the most effective firms in understanding and utilizing procedures available for clients to seek targeted relief from punitive tariffs and other forms of duties.  In particular, we work with a number of companies on navigating the requirements of the U.S. Section 301 tariffs and the Section 232 national security tariffs.  We are the most successful firm in developing and filing Miscellaneous Tariff Bills and ensuring their legislative approval.

SSA assists our clients in crafting tariff exclusion requests, including developing the requisite technical and political arguments needed to justify relief from tariffs, particularly in the light of prevailing industry trends.  We also engage with key government and industry stakeholders to solve problems and address ambiguities in such complex processes.  We use our unique knowledge of geopolitical and geoeconomics dynamics to mitigate potential obstacles, as well as work out solutions that lead to successful results.

Success Story

SSA engaged with the U.S. Government using multiple avenues on behalf of a large consumer goods company to ensure their products would not be subject to the Section 301 tariffs.  SSA filed comments on behalf of our client on all four lists of products as well as submitted product exclusion requests.  SSA drafted all the petitions and exclusion requests, including conducting product analysis, crafting arguments, and providing data in support.  We petitioned for the removal of 79 product lines (at the eight-digit HTS level), of which 31 were removed.  We requested  36 product exclusions, of which seven were successful.  Our work resulted in approximately $150 million in annual savings for our client.

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