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Rules Implemenmting Trade Programs



International Trade

Sustainability and Traceability

SSA’s competence in trade matters also lies in our expertise on critical trade rules such as product classifications, rules-of-origin, de minimis, and modifications to harmonized tariff schedules, allowing our clients to optimize their sourcing and manufacturing footprint around the world.  We understand the political and economic necessities that influence the framing of specific rules of origin, and how they apply to tariff schedules, including product classifications and tariff rates.  We are also well-versed in the dynamics surrounding de minimis shipments. 


Our experience in crafting custom-built and politically viable trade programs allows us to rapidly interpret complicated trade rules and distill their impact on business and industry practices around the world.  Our varied experiences allow us to cover a vast scope of goods trade and provide practical advice for our clients.

Success Story

SSA professionals crafted multiple bills to develop the existing preference programs for Haiti, including the HOPE I, HOPE II, and HELP legislation, and helped ensure their passage by Congress.  We incorporated several rules that provided various flexibilities for multiple product categories, making it easier to qualify production from Haiti for benefits under the program.

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