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Sustainability in Supply Chains



International Trade

Sustainability and Traceability

SSA’s decades of experience enables us to help develop innovative and sustainable solutions to some of the most difficult emerging sustainability issues.  Over the past few years, we have developed significant capabilities in advising our clients on issues relating to environmental compliance and reporting, carbon tariffs, circularity, and other areas such organic, regenerative, and recycled materials.  We also conduct detailed analyses on a number of existing and new issues, and prepare background assessments for our clients to inform their long-term strategy. 

SSA’s advice and guidance provides our clients with the tools required to make critical, long-term, investment or management decisions with regard to their global supply chains.  We keep abreast of major sustainability developments and consistently provide updates and analyses to our clients, informing and preparing them for resulting changes in business and industry practices.

Success Story

SSA has advocated on behalf of a major trade organization to create more transparency for importers and companies in the Lacey Act, which bans the importation of illegal fish, wildlife, and plants.

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