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Supply Chain Traceability



International Trade

Sustainability and Traceability

SSA is one of the foremost experts on the key emerging area of supply chain traceability.  We have a deep understanding of the capabilities and challenges within different types of traceability technologies, covering both software-based traceability and physical traceability.   Our work helps our clients credibly ensure social and environmental compliance, protect their brand and reputation, and also create and maintain a competitive advantage for conscious consumers.

SSA helps clients evaluate the need for traceability in the prevailing industry context, keeping in mind the underlying social and environmental issues, including forced labor concerns and green claims, and the rapidly developing legal context involving such issues.  In particular, we have developed considerable expertise in helping companies devise their traceability strategy in the context of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act in the United States.

SSA has developed a robust traceability methodology incorporating risk factors, linkages with other regulatory, compliance and sourcing systems, and implementation support.  

Success Story

SSA is a key adviser for a major supply chain traceability company, working to provide both advocacy and advisory support, to ensure greater adoption of their technology by the market.  SSA drafted several submissions to various government agencies, explaining the technology, and its benefits.  Our work resulted in the U.S. Congress including legislative language and funding to support broader adoption of the technology.  Due to our efforts, the U.S. Government also referenced the technology for origin identification and compliance with the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) in their UFLPA strategy.

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