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Labor Issues in Supply Chains



International Trade

Sustainability and Traceability

SSA is one of the foremost experts in assisting companies manage their global supply chains in the context of changing labor obligations.  We assess the impact of national laws and regulations, international labor standards, due diligence requirements, multi-stakeholder initiative requirements, and civil society campaigns on geographically spread-out supply chains, and advise companies on how to deal with legacy and emerging issues.  We also conduct region or country-specific risk assessments and similar analyses for our clients.

SSA’s specialized expertise in international labor standards enables us to assist companies and associations on labor compliance, including crisis management.  We have also advised numerous industry groups and individual companies in developing policies and procedures to address issues, including factory safety, forced & child labor, trade union relationships, wage and benefit structures, and occupational safety and health. 

Success Story

SSA successfully worked with private sector interests to remove garments from a Middle Eastern country from a forced and child labor list maintained by a U.S. government agency.  SSA initially worked with the sector to improve the overall labor rights situation following which we developed the main arguments justifying the removal, and then extensively engaged with government stakeholders.  This was the only product removed from the list in that review cycle.

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