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Labor Complaints Under Free Trade Agreements



International Trade

Sustainability and Traceability

SSA has a well-earned reputation as an influential and respected expert on labor chapters in FTAs, and the complaints filed under them.  We combine deep knowledge of international labor matters with unsurpassed experience with trade issues and extensive dispute settlement expertise.  We possess a unique record of successfully advising clients on all dimensions and procedural stages of a labor  submission or complaint. 


SSA provides strategic and policy advice to governments, companies, and industry organizations around the world with regard to labor disputes and other similar compliance issues.  We are positioned to assist clients on proceedings involving the review of submissions concerning labor and environmental obligations under FTAs and other mechanisms, such as the OECD guidelines or multi-stakeholder initiatives.

Success Story

SSA represented the government of a South American country on a complaint under that country’s FTA with the United States.  The complaint alleged violations of freedom of association and other labor standards in the apparel and agriculture sectors.  The strategy advanced by SSA again led to the U.S. Government not finding any violation of the labor obligations of the FTA and not advancing the matter to dispute settlement. 

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